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Böhme durable baking sheets are used in more and more private and industrial areas. Thanks to a coathing with PTFE (better knon as “Teflon®“) they have outstanding non-stick properties and make greasless baking at temperature up to 260°C possible. Reusable baking sheets can easily be cleaned with just a damp cloth and possibly some washing-up liquid. They are available in many different thicknesses and almost every requested form and size.


  • washable
  • applicable for all baking trays
  • baking without grease
  • always clean trays
  • microwave safe
  • odorless
  • food safe

Additional properties

  • no infestation of moisture or bacteria
  • very low coefficient of friction
  • low thermic dilation
  • microwave- and ultrasonic permeable

We propose durable baking sheets as one-side adhesive version, these sheets do have the following advantages:

  • no slipping out of place
  • improved heat transfer

Special versions

We supply precuts and press cuts based on individual demands for your baking trays, loaf pans and according to your drawings or samples. We manufacture in accordance to your specifications as well as in different thicknesses and colours.

Open mesh version

Our baking sheets are available as open mesh fabric which provides you the following advantages:

  • improved heat circulation during the application on perforated trays
  • can be used on perforated plates
  • textured biscuit base
  • even colouring of biscuit base


Clean the foil with hot water and dish liquid before first use. After use just clean it with a damp cloth.


Böhme reusable baking sheets can be used with temperatures from -70°C up to +260°C. This allows putting the tray into a freezer as well as into the oven which is an ideal condition for dough blanks.

Contact person

Böhme-Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Mrs. Silke Fließbach
+49 (0)4151 / 88 00-18

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